automotive UI/UX

It’s hard to explain to friends what I do. Tell someone you’re a UI/UX designer, and they immediately assume you program social networks in Palo Alto. So, that being the case, I’ve edited some BMW Youtube footage into a narrative that would explain what an automobile UI/UX designer does. Though I hate telling people I …

brighthouse networks

Here are some frames I designed for a new enterprise product launch for Florida based Brighthouse Networks.

nissan proto

This was a side project I created years ago as a homage to the Nissan Skyline. Over a decade ago, before any formal training at university for design, I was lost as to what to choose for a profession. Being eighteen and without much direction, I used to hitch along with the neighborhood guys as …

synthetic children

A fictional project. We must question every next step. The legacy man leaves behind may have already set course for a lost tomorrow. Therefore, who inherits the future of this world is the question men of all faiths must meditate upon. If mankind falls, then its surviving offspring will bleed oil instead of blood.