nissan proto

This was a side project I created years ago as a homage to the Nissan Skyline.

Over a decade ago, before any formal training at university for design, I was lost as to what to choose for a profession. Being eighteen and without much direction, I used to hitch along with the neighborhood guys as they attended every automobile racing event possible. It was at one fateful drag race where I discovered the Nissan Skyline.

Picture this, a royal blue beast strapped down to a portable dynamometer on the back of an 18 wheeler. I remember nearly everything, including the acrid scent of brake dust in the air as the technician started up the engine. It growled to life like a waking carnivore. The technician quickly ran thru 1st gear, then 2nd and rushed 3rd. The transmission finally clicked into 5th gear. He stomped on the gas, and what began as a roar soon became the wheeze of an SR-71 hitting mach 5. Every wheel spun torquing the chassis ever so slightly as the car struggled to break free. I remember the straps barely holding onto the ferocious machine so appropriately nicknamed Godzilla in Japan. The wheeze of the twin turbochargers pierced not only my eardrums, but my heart as I wet my pants.

Ladies and gentlemen, I knew instantly that my future would involve cars and pursued the necessary education to make that happen thereafter.